Our Approach

Integration is at Aspirall’s core. Sustainable and breakthrough outcomes are the result of the profound integration of four aspects: Vision & Strategy, Leadership, Culture and Identity & Purpose. Taking account of and working with the strategic, operational, tangible, intangible, collective and self.

We work with you to create new, and/or lift your existing strategy. Realising the outcomes you wanted, and more.

Emergence, ambiguity, chaos and the unknown are tools of trade for us, not to be feared, but rather to explore intuition and wisdom, safely and with intrepidness. The necessity to ‘aspire-all’ through our inner and outer worlds as individuals and collectively is the foundation of who we are.

Our invitation is to engage us as your travel guides for your strategic quest or journey. You decide the destination, we explore it with you. We’ll point out the visible and invisible scenery, you’ll use it to support progress and decisions. Our partnering facilitates the optimal choices at every turn. Along the way leaders and teams are developed, relationships are transformed, capability is enhanced and the destination delivers powerful results

Company Overview

Established in 2008, Co-Founder and CEO Tanya Diesel has more than 25 years experience as a senior executive and international consultant. Her approach and philosophy to life and corporate experience underpins the essence of Aspirall.

Aspirall consultants have worked in and with large global corporations and consulting practices around the world. Our consultants are highly skilled facilitators with varied backgrounds delivering powerful solutions to clients. We’re about supporting you on a journey to deliver more powerful outcomes and solve core business challenges for the greater good of all those you impact and influence.

The synergy of the Aspirall team infuses everything Aspirall stands for and delivers. Aspirall’s grounded, practical, effective ‘can do’ energy is coupled with creativity, enthusiasm and spontaneity that inspires all we come in to contact with.

Our Vision

To elevate strategic thinking and build conscious leadership so our clients use their wealth wisely, soulfully and joyfully with resolve, courage and integrity for the greater good of themselves and the world.

Our Values

– Miraculous Intention
– Deliver Excellence
– Authenticity
– Unconditional Loving
– Holding for the greater good

Our Team

Tanya Diesel
Chief Executive Officer

Excited, purposeful & courageous to deliver sustainability, excellence & joy. 

Juliana Gilders-Seysan
Senior Consultant

Joyfully & powerfully uplifting the consciousness of people & organisations in service to our evolving future.

Servaas Van Beekum
Senior Consultant

Masterful in wisdom and experience to passionately lift consciousness .

Erika Yeates
Senior Consultant

Purposefully awakening the heart & soul of business in service to humanity.

Janette Woodward
Senior Consultant

Purposefully elevating consciousness in service to impactful transformation and upliftment.

Irene Fihrer
Senior Consultant

Passionate in developing peoples leadership skills.


Sabine Simmonds
Senior Consultant

Creating a safe haven for uplifting and lasting transformation in service to leaders, organisations and our world.

Our Logo – The Triskelion

The Triskelion heralds intuition, subtlety, illumination, deep purpose and the subconscious. It symbolically represents a deep, dynamic connection and integration of three worlds – nature and humanity, unseen energies of the elements (like wind, water, sun and moon) and the spirit world (the place of universal, wise, ever present forces). At the heart of it the Triskelion is about growth, development and expansion on all levels of humanity, the planet and our deep inspiration and awe at being part of all around and in us!

As a symbol it dates back to 4400BC, and is an ancient heraldic emblem. All these symbolic elements of the triskelion reflect the axis that is the human experience: grounded, learning, and spiralling.

It signals a powerful metaphor for Aspirall’s work. We encourage strategy building and implementation in alignment with the natural order of things and a deep understanding of connectivity, and so sustainability, resilience and profound strength are possible.

In our research about the Triskelion we found that this shape is also found in a human cellular building block, a protein called clathrin. Clathrin has a core role in forming small and powerful structures in our cells. It enables the transportation of molecules within cells allowing cells to communicate, to transfer nutrients, import signalling receptors, mediate immune responses and clean up debris.

All of these subtle, quantum and core cellular processes are wonderful pointers to the depth of sustainability and connectivity we are interested in at Aspirall regarding strategy, culture, leadership and personal purpose.