Authentic Leadership amidst Disruption

Rapidly changing market conditions were fundamentally challenging these experienced executives in a large enterprise.

The tough reality in how to lead through a difficult restructure whilst caring for their people were provoking their values and purpose. It was absolutely critical that they also got their strategy and planning right for the future.

Together, through our open, integral design approach we created a program that focused and underpinned how they would consciously move through the complexity of this disruption with clear intention and authenticity.

A few of the objectives were;
– Make a difference in how we lead honouring and supporting all people
– Create an energy and movement that allows and promotes
– Opening a pathway while clearing blockers
– Showing strength of leadership through demonstrating powerful vulnerability and authenticity.

“True leadership is that in which inspires during diversity and is courageous in honouring for greater care and intention, and these executives together with Aspirall have achieved this!” Executive Manager HR


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