Joint Mentoring – A pathway to untapped opportunities

So what do you do when you are in a prolonged block with one of your key direct reports and there seems no clear path forward?

This challenging relationship causes stress and distress, yet you’re reluctant to let them go as they are a key performer with outstanding results. Having the time, patience, resolve and leadership to work through the situation whilst not impacting business performance and the culture is extremely challenging.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, so often we ignore or ‘sweep things under the carpet’ on the pretence of professionalism and getting the job done, but eventually a huge price is paid with team morale and culture.

Aspirall designed a program that extended the leadership capacity to equip leaders and their teams to address these scenarios with a more powerful presence, that created impact and effectively resolved these impasses with a Win/Win/Win/Win outcome – a win for the leader, a win for the team member, a win for the team, a win for the business/culture.

Using a few subtle and powerful interventions its possible to uncover the deeper personal blocks to being a more powerful and united leadership force. Not only is it possible to deepen shared visionary leadership and lift strategic thinking to further enable growth and business outcomes, a treasure chest of new untapped opportunities become available to the essence and purpose of the business and its value add in the market place.

In more specific detail the benefits included the following;

– Refreshed opportunity to collaboratively explore business challenges and opportunities with a breakthrough lens

– Exploration of core strengths and leadership behaviours that will deliver strong leadership of the organisation

– Exploration of unseen potential and interference to release more value

– Deeper insight into own leadership behaviours, impact and the beliefs that are driving these

– Identification of key levers to lift performance and effectiveness

– Refresh and further stretch collaborative problem solving and decision making capabilities

– Deepen relationship and influencing skills and strategies to deliver more value to business outcomes

– Practical tools to elevate leadership effectiveness and business performance

– A development plan focused on leveraging strengths and releasing blockers to execute on the Vision and purpose of the business


Aspirall is extremely fortunate and privileged to work with inspirational and amazing clients, leaders and their teams. We ensure our clients privacy and confidentiality is preserved at all times.

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