Recent Work

Courageous Leadership Igniting Breakthroughs

We recently undertook a program with a specialised business unit who were going through significant structural changes.  The team was faced with conflicting challenges.  The business unit had an incredible growth opportunity that was known throughout the organisation, but the restructure was leading to doubt within the team and to a lack of self-confidence in achieving their strategic and financial

Joint Mentoring – A pathway to untapped opportunities

So what do you do when you are in a prolonged block with one of your key direct reports and there seems no clear path forward? This challenging relationship causes stress and distress, yet you’re reluctant to let them go as they are a key performer with outstanding results. Having the time, patience, resolve and

Authentic Leadership amidst Disruption

Rapidly changing market conditions were fundamentally challenging these experienced executives in a large enterprise. The tough reality in how to lead through a difficult restructure whilst caring for their people were provoking their values and purpose. It was absolutely critical that they also got their strategy and planning right for the future.

Diversity, Inclusion and Culture

Aspirall partnered with a professional services organisation to develop and implement a program to propel a cultural change process across diversity and inclusion. The program was then designed taking into account the paradigm shifts required for cultural change as shift requires our rational minds to be combined with our intuitive hearts for it to be successful and sustainable.

Leadership Team Transformation

This transformation program was designed around core objectives and outcomes through our systems and processes that created an empowered, trusting and more open culture where people felt engaged, valued, and were contributing at their best. It enabled the leadership team to establish and anchor within the group a coherent and aligned strategic intention for the way forward in the future direction of the business.

Executive Coaching

We were engaged by an executive of a large ASX listed company for coaching and mentoring sessions to work through leadership objectives that provided clear purpose for tackling current challenges and to propel their development for the next phase of their career. The coaching sessions enhanced and further developed the clients trust based relationships and lead to more powerful collaboration which far exceeded the clients expectations.

Strategic Build Facilitation

This client had a distinct requirement to change and grow the business through applying new thinking that would transform its leadership approach and would embrace new market conditions. The challenge was to bring forward elevated thinking so quick and clear decision making could be attained while old approaches and blockers were released in order for the leadership group to build a powerful strategic platform.