Women’s Sacred Odyssey Retreats

Women’s Sacred Odyssey Retreat

“You are the soul of the universe and your name is love” Rumi

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Diane Mariechild

Aspirall’s Sacred Odyssey Retreats have been uniquely designed for executive women and women of influence who would like to step away from the day to day of “doing” and reconnect with the powerful purpose and contribution that is solely theirs to make to the planet.

They provide an environment where women can join other ‘like minded’ integral women in a weekend experience to create powerful and sustainable impact in their lives and in the world. It is an opportunity to learn, grow and connect through shared experience and in simply being.

At Aspirall we are committed to elevating strategy and conscious leadership. Our Sacred Odyssey Retreats are intended to spark and deepen a more profound consciousness in women as leaders in their lives, to build on and strengthen their current positions of influence and networks in service to their purpose, whilst deepening an awareness of their future intentions and legacy.

It takes a special kind of woman to step fearlessly into such a journey.

At Aspirall we encourage and support the journey of deeper self-discovery and authentic connection to others, of recharging batteries and re-igniting the spirit.

Our Sacred Odyssey Retreats create the conditions for vulnerability, courageous and deep self-exploration to illuminate and embrace each individual’s journey.

The Retreats dive into who each person is, how they show up in the world, how they are making a difference and what more is possible for them in every area of their lives.


Our Retreats create a climate of mutual support and deep and profound connection, opportunities for sharing, time for rest, relaxation, fun, laughter, self-realisation and togetherness. Typically participants walk away energised, enlightened, reinvigorated, relaxed and more in tune with their authentic selves.

Aspirall’s Sacred Odyssey Retreats are a space to renew, rejuvenate, celebrate and immerse in a joyful and meaningful exploration of self and relationships; all in a beautiful natural environment.

Together an amazing sacred circle of women is created, where the most potent transformation can take place.

“Inspiring and thought provoking” “Challenging and Uplifting”

“This experience of embracing the whole self and discussions about
what I am passionate about was life changing”